Grief & Loss

Grief & Loss

When people think of grief and loss, they often think of death. Death is inevitable, which we learn at a young age, though no one wants to talk about it. One day you are forced to talk about it. Your loved one dies, is diagnosed with a life threatening medical condition, you or someone you love has a miscarriage, is going through a divorce, or you are living through a world wide pandemic. It can be helpful to experience your grief with a trained professional who can be there to witness and help you process your pain.

Here are questions and comments that I often get about grief and loss.


  • Will I ever feel like my old self again?
  • Am I a horrible person for feeling mixed feelings about the person who died?
  • Why can’t I stop thinking about my own death?
  • When will others stop telling me to move on? I can’t even grieve right.

Medical Conditions

  • I have always treated my body well, why is it failing me now?
  • Who is going to be there to raise my children?
  • Will my family remember me?
  • What did I do to deserve this?


  • Is anyone ever going to love me again?
  • How do I explain this to my children?
  • Why didn’t I see these signs beforehand?
  • How will I ever move forward from here?


  • I always planned on having children. Why isn’t my body working with me?
  • Am I ever going to be a Mother?
  • I am sick of hearing, at least you know you can get pregnant. My dreams for the future just were shattered.
  • What if I get pregnant and miscarry again?

Lost expectations

  • Didn’t I plan my whole life for retirement? Why am I so depressed now?
  • I know I have things I should feel grateful for, but I can’t stop feeling this way.
  • Though the vaccine is here, it doesn’t erase everything that I lost this past year.
  • I can’t shake that the vision I had for my life is not turning out the way I had thought.

Through therapy you can develop skills to:

  • Fully embrace the pain of the loss
  • Accept all of your feelings without judgment
  • Develop a new self-identity based on a life with this loss
  • Identify your needs and wants and differentiate that from what others want for you
  • Notice and challenge negative self-talk
  • Set healthy boundaries with family and friends
  • Navigate changes in the relationship with friends and family in your life
  • Understand the meaning of the loss
  • Develop a lasting network of support
  • Balance your personal and professional life